saw Атом

Атом АРП-185/1500
Атом АРП-185/1500

saw Атом АРП-185/1500
engine power (W): 1500.00
motor power (hp): 500.00
rotational speed (rev/min): 4500.00
number of speeds: 1.00
tilt angle (degrees): 45.00
cutting height (mm): 63.00
bore diameter disc (mm): 20.00
disk diameter (mm): 185.00
additional functions: Array
weight (kg): 4.10
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Атом АИП-850
Атом АИП-850

saw Атом АИП-850
engine power (W): 850.00
motor power (hp): 50.00
number of strokes per minute: 2700.00
additional functions: Array, Array
weight (kg): 2.95
width (mm): 85.00
height (mm): 180.00
depth (mm): 465.00
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saw Атом

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