snowblower CMI

CMI 163 snowblower
CMI 163

snowblower CMI 163
throwing distance, min (m): 9.00
throwing distance, max (m): 9.00
height capture (cm): 40.00
width (cm): 56.00
motor power (hp): 5.00
engine speed (rev/min): 0.00
weight (kg): 60.00
width (cm): 110.00
height (cm): 110.00
length (cm): 110.00
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CMI 1700 snowblower
CMI 1700

snowblower CMI 1700
throwing distance, min (m): 4.00
throwing distance, max (m): 4.00
height capture (cm): 12.00
width (cm): 40.00
motor power (hp): 0.60
engine power (kW): 1.60
engine speed (rev/min): 0.00
weight (kg): 12.00
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snowblower CMI

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